Sunday, July 30, 2006

Erica and Fuzzy's wedding was this past Saturday. July 29th and it was great.
It was also the first time Faelyn had been around so many people at once.

We got all gussied up aren't my girls gorgeous

Then we had to make sure Faelyn had the proper sunshine attire.

And of course there were plenty of people to help out

Aunt Sherri & Steve and Kenzie helping out.

she did great. granted she was sleepy most of the time, but she was great.
It was a short day out as it was really hot so Faelyn decided to try on a new outfit when we
got home. It was a onesie she borrowed from her cousin Ainsley.

now I pity the fool that don't think that's cute!!

thanks to all. we'll chat soon.


Katie said...

The ladies look GORGEOUS indeed!

wagsandpurrs said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!! I am so glad that y'all are such good friends of Erica and Fuzzy!!! I am so happy to have gotten to see you. Oh, and there is a gift for y'all at E and F's, so they will give it to you when you get back!

McSchnit Family said...

it was great to be a part of their wedding and their lives. IT was great to see you as well.

Melissa, Karl and Ainsley said...

Great new pictures. Glad you are doing well.

Karl and Melissa and Ainsley

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! Great Halloween costumes (especially the pumpkin hat).


Anonymous said...

Um...who has the cutest lion baby? Erik and Sara, that's who. :)